Welch Allyn for Suppliers

This site provides information for supplier partners and prospective supplier partners on our supply management policies, procedures and requirements.

Welch Allyn relies on thousands of suppliers to provide the materials, goods and services needed to produce and deliver quality products and solutions to our customers globally. Our Sourcing, Services and Logistics professionals are responsible for developing and contracting with supplier partners who are committed to quality and long-term collaboration to ensure we have a reliable supply chain for quality products and services. 

Welch Allyn is committed to maintaining a diverse supplier base, and we welcome all potential suppliers who can provide, on a competitive basis, value added products and services to Welch Allyn and in a manner consistent with our quality policy. 

Suppliers interested in doing business with Welch Allyn are encouraged to download and complete the Supplier Questionnaire and scan this document, along with any additional marketing or sales information you would like to provide to:

We will ensure that your information reaches the appropriate Commodity Manager who will contact you if they have additional questions or we would like to further discuss your capabilities


Thank you for visiting our supplier partner portal.

Michael Arndt
Vice President Strategic Sourcing

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Accounts Payable Information

Please send all electronic invoices, credit notes, statements and queries by email to:

APAMERICA@WELCHALLYN.COM when billing Welch Allyn Inc. and shipments to San Diego Facility

APEMEA@WELCHALLYN.COM when billing all European countries when billing Australia, Malaysia, South Africa, Singapore when billing any locations in Mexico

The Welch Allyn location you are doing business with is expressed on your Purchase Order billing information.

Please reference the Welch Allyn Purchase Order Number on your invoice.